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The Problems With Call Forwarding

For businesses still using a traditional landline phone system call forwarding has become a very popular way of enabling offices to move to a home working set up during the pandemic. Although many customers are sympathetic to the pressure suppliers are under to reinvent their working habits, patience is beginning to wear thin as customer service levels fall short. 

Here are just a few of the problems your team and customers maybe experiencing. A VoIP phone system could save you money from a traditional land line service as well as allowing your phone solution to adapt to more flexible working solutions. 

If you are experiencing any of the issues below get in touch and one of our team can assess your phone needs and quote a system that could help save your team time and improve your customers contact experience. 


Is your phone system frustrating your customer or losing prospective business? 

1. If the person receiving forwarded calls is unavailable calls can be missed. 

2. Customers may be asked to recall numbers if they can't be transferred or unable to speak to team members relying on messages to be passed and calls returns, adding extra steps and delays to their requests. 

3. Relying on diverting calls to personal phones and mobiles may result in inconsistent and unprofessional answer machine messages or no messaging capability at all. 


Is your phone system creating extra work for your team?

1. Main phone lines are often shared in an office but call forwarding can prevent sharing the load and can add extreme pressure to the person taking calls. 

2. Losing internal phone transferring means your team are regularly having to take and forward messages adding extra work for them and increasing customer response times. 


Is home working increasing your phone costs? 

1. Increased costs due to diverted calls

4. Higher team mobile costs due to remote working

5. Cost of additional time needed due to reduced internal communication and messaging between departments. 


VoIP phone systems allow you to operate the same in the office and remotely from anywhere with internet. These 'plug and play' systems are simple to use and flexible to scale with your business. 

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